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The story begins in mid 2011 - I was newly married, living in Chicago (I'm from New York).  About a year before this, I was living in Manhattan with my dream job in the corporate offices at Ralph Lauren. Plucking myself from a job I loved to a city I knew nothing about was both challenging and isolating. While out West for a wedding, I had some one-on-one time with my friend Katrina. After LOTS of conversation (and wine!) she convinced me to quit my corporate job and pursue what I loved - fitness! I was a runner and a group fitness junkie, with a desire to motivate others to feel what I feel after a healthy sweat.

I came out of that weekend on a high! I quit my job on a Monday (that I had only been in for 8 weeks), and later panicked. On my last day they asked what I was going to do; my response was, "I don't know but it's not this". How could I possibly think this is a good idea? I started applying to front desk positions because I didn't know what I wanted to do... yet. But I love taking group fitness classes and I told EVERYONE I saw that someday I wanted to teach.

That "someday" happened later that year - when a cycling sub didn't show up to a class at David Barton Gym. The manager came up and asked if I was certified - I said no. He asked if I would be willing to teach - I said YES! I frantically called  my husband, Mike, and asked him to bring me some clothes and begged him to stay for class.

I'll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing! But 45 minutes later, I survived. And I WAS HOOKED. I got certified through Schwinn, AFAA, NASM, and TRX. I auditioned and became an instructor for Flywheel Chicago. When we moved to California in 2013, I taught for Equinox and later managed their Palos Verdes club. I also taught bicoastal for Cycle for Survival, and became a trainer for Tone It Up (Katrina is one of my best friends and mentors!).

We now live back in New York and with over 8 years of teaching under my belt, I am still teaching for both Equinox and Tone It Up. I also have 2 young daughters that are 13 months apart (yikes!). In 2020, the teaching dynamic is different and getting into a classroom simply isn't possible. However, teaching is. I have class concepts running through my veins and a desire to share my passion with others. Welcome to Kristina Earnest On Demand! A place where we can sweat, build, and grow together. Classes are FREE and ready for you whenever you are able! Always know I'm here for you; the first step through the marathon - we are in this TOGETHER.


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