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Our classes together are meant to meet you at any stage in your wellness journey! From strength and toning to high intensity intervals - each class format is designed to work from head to toe. But these sessions aren't just about strength and power; it’s about inspiring through kindness and strengthening your relationship with yourself.


My favorite HIIT format to teach! Tabata sessions consist of 20 seconds of maximum-exertion training followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Repeat the process eight times for one four-minute Tabata round.

Equipment: Dumbbells (3-20+lb), Mini Band, Kettlebell or Bodyweight

_ hiit_ 

A highly effective blend of both strength and interval training to maximize metabolic conditioning. Classes are built in circuit-based formats ranging from 15-45 minutes. From total body to muscle group focused sessions, each workout is uniquely designed with you in mind.

Equipment: Light weights (3-5lbs) / Medium weights (5-12lbs) / Strong weights (12-20+lb), or Bodyweight

_ strength_ 

Strength-based workouts designed to build muscle and increase power through a series of dynamic movements. Whether they are full body or focusing on a certain muscle group, you will, improve your strength and cardiovascular endurance with metabolic circuits, powerful EMOM sections, and spicy finishers.  

Equipment: Medium weights (5-12lbs) / Strong weights (12-20+lb), Kettlebell, or Bodyweight

_ power_ 

Kristina's signature Strength and HIIT Hybrid! Combine strength-based circuits with powerful, plyometrics sprinkled throughout. From single tabata rounds to ladder drills - this class has everything to leave you sweating and feeling so empowered.

Equipment: Medium weights (5-12lbs) / Strong weights (12-20+lb), Kettlebell, or Bodyweight

_ sculpt_

A low impact, dynamic workout that sculpts and builds core strength. Expect a blend of functional training exercises paired with smaller zone-focused movements for a total body burn.

Equipment: Dumbbells, Gliding Discs, Mini Band, or Bodyweight

_ Kickboxing_

Taught Tabata style or rhythmically, this is an intense cardiovascular workout derived from classic boxing and kick-boxing training methods. Classes will cover intervals of boxing moments, kickboxing movements as well as bootcamp style HIIT exercises. 

Equipment: Light Dumbbells (1-3lb) or Bodyweight

_ follow along_

These express sessions are all under 10 minutes! No speaking, set to music - these exercises are great finisher to any of the classes listed on Kristina Earnest on Demand. Follow along with me and the timer on the bottom left for a quick and effective burn!

Equipment: Dumbbells (3-20lb) or Bodyweight