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WRAPPING 2022...

It’s been a while since I did a life update. Truthfully, the last 6 months have been challenging. But at the same time, I’ve lived some of the most exciting professional moments of my life this year. As I sit back and reflect on the year, I realize more than ever that I am really, really lucky that I have you.

Let's get to it: the KE Squad is a force. To keep up with its expansion was quite easy for me because I LOVE what we do together. I love when I hear "I don't know how you do it". How do I balance? I don’t! 😂. How do I DO it? Some solid time management, but more importantly a true, dedicated love to the roles I have in my life. Love always wins. Turning doubt into determination got me into the Women’s Health HQ this year, as a contributing contributor trainer to the publication, as a coach other coaches ask for advice. Incredible.

This year, I finally put into practice something that I told myself for years. In 2021 I was fixated on what others were doing - how can I do that? When will I get there? 2022 was different - I focused on what I could control and what I could do. I didn't look left and right to see what others were doing; instead, I kept my eyes fixed straight ahead and continued to press on. Looking back, I realized that last year I tended to dilute my own successes, joys and moments by comparing them to others. For example, I would edit a kick-butt class, only to go only social media watching something with a crew, on a professional set, doing it "better." Or, I would achieve something amazing only to see that someone did that two years ago, making my victory feel not so victorious.

Not this year. Not anymore. I stopped measuring my happiness against what others' lives looked like, what they had, what they were doing, etc.. I invested in myself, my family, my squad. Keeping my eyes on what brought me joy. The entire reason I started in this industry was because I had a passion for fitness and a desire to make people feel good.

I maintained the mindset of getting better each and everyday. I took 1 simple step forward and after 365 days, I've made a lot of progress. Today, I appreciate my life and what we’ve created so much more for what it is and what drives me versus what I felt like I should be doing, wearing, feeling, saying, etc.

Personally, my body went through the wringer over the last half of this year. Finding out I was pregnant for the sixth time was instantly led with fear - I was having allergic reactions to fruit and other foods I frequently ate. My body was trying to tell me something. When I found out I had miscarried, it was the nightmare I never wanted to live again being brought back to life. My heart was crying but it couldn’t break because I had 2 girls at home that NEEDED me. I had to get up every day after that awful scan, after the next appointment where I found out it wasn’t over and I needed another procedure… with the reminder that I believe in guardian angels, and another one meant we had a some really bright stars in our sky.

Today, I’m hopeful. I am a firm believer that whatever is meant for me won’t pass me by. The timing is not mine to create - but when it is my time I will be ready. And in this moment I’m soaking up the hugs I get on earth, being the mom I was meant to be, and getting swept up in the chaos.

Looking to the future - wow. What is 2023 going to bring?!? This squad has ZERO sign of stopping. We’re growing quicker than ever! And I have you to thank for that. How do I do it? Because I have you. Knowing you’re on the other side keeps me creative light ablaze. And I’m keeping my light and lighting your wick - because a candle loses nothing from lighting another’s flame. And for as long as I am able, I will FOREVER do my best to uplift this squad to feel their best.

I love you, Boss. Cheers to so, so much more greatness in the new year!


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