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Upper Body Program Q&A

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Can you believe we are just one week away from the Upper Body Program launch?? Starting Monday, July 3rd - you will have 3+ new classes per week focusing on the arms, shoulders, chest and back. All classes were designed to progress with you - in duration, in volume, and in difficulty! This is the first program of its kind on our platform and I can't wait to do it right alongside you for the next 4 weeks. There were quite a few questions about the program on Instagram, and I wanted to give them a home so you can see (and come back to) all of the responses to help make this month your strongest yet!


I wanted to create a program we could all do together! While there are plenty of programs on the app for total body and core, we haven't completed a program for the upper body just yet. Given that I am 8+ months pregnant, I wanted to experience this program with you not only as your coach but as your accountability partner. Also, of all the targeted programs, I think upper body 3x per week will improve your overall strength, power and stability, as well as eliminate the chances of an overuse injury (which is why I would steer clear of a lower body specific program - but that's just me!).


YUP! I filmed it all within my second trimester. It is wrist friendly, prenatal friendly, and low impact. Because it focuses on specific muscle groups, be prepared to be challenged mentally and physically each week as we all progress together, no matter your level or current state.


Glad this question was asked! You will not be doing Upper Body workouts every single day. The program is structured as Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Monday we set the tone for the week, Wednesday is typically shorter - it's tied with LISS (low impact steady state) cardio and a workout challenge. Friday is where we up the intensity in duration and volume or load! All classes are strength/power focused using circuits, AMRAPs, or EMOMs. No new Tabata this month! Crazy, right? If you only want to focus on Upper Body during July, then Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday you are free to do what you prefer - Sunday we all rest. If you want to work the rest of your body on those days, I've put complementary classes in place: Tabata Tuesdays, Strength Thursdays, and Cardio Saturdays. The classes will have more of a core/lower body focus so we don't over-work our upper! I got you covered, boss ⚡️


I tried to keep it to equipment you might already have in the home (or gym) - especially if you've been working out with the squad already! Dumbbells (think light, medium, and heavy), a mini loop resistance band, a mat, and something long like a jump rope, long resistance band or thin towel for your mobility class. Oh! And on Wednesdays, bring a pen and paper or have your notes/journal feature handy because we are counting our reps in an AMRAP challenge.

For your dumbbells, I will give a suggestion at the beginning of class. HOWEVER, I want to stress that all strength is relative. While filming this program, I went a little lighter than what I would have used last year because of the particular season I am in. Here's how I think of it - typically for shoulders go lighter, biceps/triceps medium, and back strong. If we're using our legs (i.e. Push Press) increase your shoulders weights. If you are blazing through 12-15 reps within 30-seconds, you're stronger than you think and you can increase your dumbbell size. This program is about progressive strength so we will be revisiting movements! Try new sizes, experiment as you see fit. Best case - you have a dumbbell graduation day! Scaling to what you need is being conscious of your safety, which is always a win in my book.


Because this is a strength based program, I hope you aim to go strong in our sessions together. If we are lifting heavy, we shouldn't be using those muscles each day. Allow your body time to recover between sessions by incorporating stretching, resting, or working other both parts on the days where there are not classes scheduled. Your best results will live in those sweet spots!


Well... it depends! Which is why we're doing a little bit of both. When we go heavy, focus on form and don't rush your movement. Feel your muscles activate and fight against resistance and gravity simultaneously. There are also classes where we use lighter weights, in those moments concentrate on volume and a high number of reps to generate a burn! Similarly, work with a sense of urgency in your EMOM's and AMRAP challenges (EMOM: Every minute on the minute, AMRAP: As many reps as possible). That'll get your heart rate up without leaving the ground!

I hope this is all super helpful going into the challenge! Bottom line: have fun, feel strong, spread good vibes. I had a blast filming these workouts, and I remember after filming the final 30-minute session how strong I felt. I aimed to coach each session in order so I would know what you feel in each moment, and I plan to relive all those reps with you on the other side of the screen! Let's sweat, smile, and repeat it together on Monday, July 3rd. Are you ready for it?? Enter the studio and keep checking back for the schedule launch, program information, new classes and more. Tell a fellow boss - it's going down!

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