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Well, we have a lot to talk about, don't we?? If you saw on Instagram last Friday, I announced that I am pregnant with our 3rd baby. To say we are happy is an understatement - we have been hoping, praying, and dreaming of this moment. Now that I am in my second trimester, I am so excited to talk you along for this journey with us! Let's start from the beginning...

After my experience over the summer, I was thoroughly convinced that we would be committing to IVF if we wanted to have our third baby (in case you're new here - I completed IVF treatment back in 2017 to bring Madison into the world). I interviewed and selected a specialist at NYU in September, and even shipped our embryos from California to New York in preparation. My new doctor performed a saline sonogram to confirm my uterus was clear, and asked for how I wanted to proceed. My exact words were “I need a drug holiday”. I needed time to NOT think about being pregnant, and to enjoy my body as it is. We agreed Spring 2023 was an excellent time to revisit…

Flash forward to November - one day I was on the couch and Siri climbed onto me and laid from my neck to my hips - while I was sitting upright! I was like this is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done girlfriend 😂. She oddly always knows when something fertility related is going on with me, so after about 30-minutes I excused myself from our cuddle session and found my ovulation kit that was tucked away at the top of our medicine cabinet. For the first time… IN MY LIFE - did I see a smiley face. I was frantic - could this be accurate? Well… might as well give it a go!

10 days went by slowly. The pre-cycle bloat was there, I was feeling incredibly impatient. After 10 days, I took a pregnancy test early Friday morning. Ava’s test was glowing when I found out (I was unknowingly 7+ weeks so that’s why). After 2 minutes I tossed the test, got dressed, and took a very angry 30-minute cycle ride. Mike and I had a date night scheduled that night and before I rode I said, “well… looks like I’m drinking tonight”. After my ride, I went to shower and took the test out of the trash holding onto one more glimmer of hope. 2 LINES ➕. An extremely faint second line, but the 2 of us saw it. Thank goodness the girls slept passed 7am that day because I can confidently say what came out of my mouth was 😱🫢. To no one’s surprise… I didn’t drink on our date.

2 days went by and the lines were stronger. I called my OB that Monday - and for 3 months I have been afraid of my own shadow. I can’t believe I'm writing this at 14 weeks pregnant.

We opted into NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) at 10 weeks, and another test at 12 weeks to confirm this baby was healthy. At each ultrasound, Baby has been grooving in my tummy - I’ve cried at every appointment feeling pure joy.

So - what are we having?? That’s for another day. Mike and I found out alone - it was our moment together. Then we had a reveal for the girls to celebrate them both being big sisters by summer with a cake and balloons! Thank you for being on this journey with me, for respecting our privacy while I rebuilt over the last half of 2022. The road to and through motherhood is so challenging - I am always available to talk one-on-one about the experiences I've faced while growing our family for the past 8 years.

And if you're reading this thinking "oh no... what about my Tabata workouts?" 😂 It's ok to think that way! TRUST ME - I have plenty filmed that I can drop throughout 2023. And if you're looking for pre or postnatal content, I will be getting to that too! I would anticipate seeing some prenatal content dropping by May/June that will not be on the weekly class schedule. By July, some of the classes that I will put on the schedule will be prenatal friendly and I will be pregnant, but most scheduled classes will be what you expect to see from me on the regular. Also, I will be growing a full pre and postnatal program. All good things, Boss!

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