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Between the holidays, work deadlines, commuting, cooking dinner, caring for your family, and still making time to cuddle up and watch a movie or see friends - exercise can sometimes feel like a burden more than a benefit. But if you can find time 20+/- minutes on a regular basis, that’s all you need to get all the benefits of a solid workout session.

KE On Demand has short workouts under 20 minutes, which makes them perfect if you’re on the go. Especially in December, we are featuring workouts that are within 10-15 minutes in length. If you have extra time - add some cardio (I'm committing to 1 mile minimum per day) to tack onto these workouts! Although these workouts are quick, they’ll push your heart rate into strong effort range which is how you’re able to reap the benefits of exercise in such a short time frame.

When done properly and consistently, short workouts can be super effective. Commit the body and mind and get to work!


So what are the health and fitness benefits of quick, intense bursts of exercise? Take a look:

Short workouts can increase your fitness levels, too: We know that consistent exercise is good for your health, but research shows that short workouts can deliver the similar benefits.

A 2016 study by researchers at McMaster University in Canada found that a 10-minute workout, which included a two-minute warm-up, three 20-second “all-out” cycling sprints and two minutes of easy riding in between, then a three-minute cooldown – produced very similar benefits when measuring cardiovascular wellness across 12 weeks compared to a group who performed a two-minute warm-up, 45 minutes of continuous cycling at a moderate pace and a three-minute cooldown.

You're exercising your mind, too: During the holiday season your mind is likely in 15 different places at once. This is why the 10X10 series was created - to help you refocus! Many studies have revealed that short burst of exercise directly boosts the area of the brain associated with learning and memory.

Top that with the other mental health perks of breaking a sweat, including feeling happier and confident, and short workouts are worth the time and definitely live up to the hype.


Here are some of the best training styles for maximum benefits from short workouts:


HIIT (high intensity interval training), is the broad umbrella term used for any effective workout that utilizes short, intense intervals. HIIT can be 1:1, 2:1, 1:2 or any other ratio of work-to-rest that works for you. The idea is that you go “all out” and perform as many of the moves as you can to a timer, with recovery periods in between.

HIIT moves can be any type of cardio exercises - from bodyweight movements to cycling or running - the opportunities are endless.


Tabata is a form of HIIT. It follows a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio, but has a very specific structure. Tabata lasts for four minutes, where you perform 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise, as hard as you can, for the entire 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest. You then repeat this 8 times through (this will equal four minutes). It's my favorite way to train and you can try so many of these workouts here!

AMRAP or Circuit Workouts

AMRAP, which stands for “as many reps/rounds as possible” is another type of short workout, where you’re given a set time to get through as many moves as you can. It’s you versus the clock, and the harder you work, the better the results. New to AMRAP's? There is one in the Upper Body Strength class for 10X10!

Similar to AMRAP sessions, the circuit-based classes on our platform are us against the clock for typically 30-45 seconds at a time. My top tip: focus in form while you're moving through each motion. You can move quickly, but efficiency is the secret sauce for things like dumbbell graduation days, increasing aerobic capacity, etc.


Wait... we've been talking so much about high intensity training?? Stretching is THE WAY to keep showing up. HIIT workouts are fun, challenging, efficient - you name it. But the only way to keep coming back and getting better is rewarding your body for it's hard work. Stretching for 5-10 minutes make a huge difference on your recovery - always give yourself some time to slow down and treat your body right.


The 10X10 series Week 1 launches on December 12th! Commit to you and see how incredible these short burners really are.

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